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As one of the leading hygiene service providers in South Africa, Hygiene Extreme are committed to the highest standards of washroom facilities and cleanliness - offering a wide range of products backed up by services that help us stand head and shoulders above our competition. 


You only need to make one call to resolve all your washroom and hygiene requirements, we can take care of the rest - including the provision and restocking of toilet roll holders and paper dispensers, air fresheners, soap dispensers and sanitizers, as well as wall and litter bins, ashtrays, sanitary bins and hot air driers. We insist on sourcing washroom equipment from respected suppliers across South Africa and beyond, ensuring you get robust and reliable products that will enhance your washroom with practical and aesthetic solutions.  

Once installed, all our washroom products can be restocked with high-quality consumables at your convenience, including towels for paper dispensers, toilet paper, and hand soap too. Our professional staff are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene in your washrooms, and as such we offer a range of support services that ensure a safe and pleasant environment for anyone using your washroom. From general washroom servicing to chemical deep-cleans - our expert knowledge is combined with the latest cleaning agents to give you a hygienic finish that eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses, helping to keep your staff healthier and creating a far more pleasant first impression for any visitors to your premises.  

As with everything we do, our chemical deep cleans are carried out with a meticulous attention to detail, removing the stains and deposits you can see - as well as those you can’t. We can even offer effective pest control as part of service - and we’re registered with the Department of Agriculture to carry out commercial and industrial services. 

Let Hygiene Extreme tailor a package of washroom services for your organisation, you’ll find we offer exceptionally competitive prices and a level of service that goes above and beyond what you may be used to..

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