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Paper Dispenser - Serra Ecoflex

Modern, attractively styled, durable product design. Front cover constructed from High Grade Stainless Steel available in Bright Annealed or Satin finish. Lockable - Incorporates sturdy SNAPLOCK automatic locking system - unlocks/opens with the unique universal Serra® Barrel Key only.

User friendly - convenient and reliable cost -effective towel dispensing in pre-determined lengths - high absorbency paper roll in 1 and/or 2 Ply towel rolls. Guaranteed Auto Cut™ paper dispensing every time - ideal for high traffic public washrooms, e.g., airports, shopping centres, stadiams, etc.

'No Touch' Hands-to-Paper Auto Cut™ towel operation eliminates the risk of cross-infection. Provides an equal controlled length of clean, hygienic paper towel for each individual user. Quick and easy to load. Full twenty-four (24) month replacement guarantee. 
The Serra® EcoFlex Auto Cut™ paper towel system incorporates a Hands-to-Paper 'No Touch' Auto Cut™ controlled dispensing operation which remains a very hygienic, quick and safe dispenser to use. The paper remains hidden in the cabinet and therefore clean and dry from outside influences, thus preventing cross-contamination.

Each individual towel dispensed measures 205mm in width by ±290mm in length. The controlled method of dispensing individual towels ensures minimum consumption, thus eliminating the problem of unrestricted usage and waste.

Pull Down Action.
Towel Lengths:

Height (H): 370mm
Width (W): 310mm
Depth (D): 260mm

Paper Dispenser - Serra Ecoflex

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