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Airzone 100mg - Ozone Generator

What is Ozone?

Ozone (O3) is simply activated oxygen, often referred to as natures ingredient used to neutralize unwanted species in the air that we breath or the water that we drink.

 Why use Ozone?

 Being a gas, ozone reaches where conventional cleaners/ disinfectants cannot. Ozone destroys pollutants up to 3200 times faster than traditional oxidants like chlorine with no residual harmful by- products since it, after reaction, reverts to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water which are all natural and environmentally friendly products.

 How is ozone produced?

The technology is called Corona Cold plasma discharge, Air application.

The process involves stripping electrons from the oxygen atoms braking the O2 molecule before Coulomb collisions occur. The nett result is that energy employed to make ozone’s efficiently consumed and less heat (that is wasted energy) is generated.

O2 (Oxygen) is converted to O3(Ozone)

As atoms split off to oxidize a pollutant- leaving behind o2, the air that we breath.

 Everyday applications: 

Kitchens, Restaurants, Clubs and Pubs, Hotels, Reception Areas, Smoking rooms, Washrooms, doctor’s rooms and wherever mal odours and harmful bacteria are prevalent.

 General Health Advantages: 

The air we breathe is filled with many pathogens and unhealthy bacteria cells.

 The most common are: 

Flu viruses





Bad Smell bacteria … and  many more

Airzone 100mg - Ozone Generator

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