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Baby Changing Station


Babyminder products are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality standards and combine the ultimate in safety, convenience and versatility with long-lasting, clean good looks.

Installing a Babyminder changing station provides parents with a safe, convenient and hygienic changing facility in away from home locations and is now considered to be of equal importance as the provision of other essential facilities.

Installing a Babyminder changing station demonstrates a commitment to visitor and customer care, improving the perceived quality of an establishment and increasing the probability of return visits.


  • Compact ultra-slim/profile
  • Heavy-duty integral moulded hinges for strength and safety
  • Gas-strut dampened for controlled and safe opening/closing
  • Easy-load integral moulded dual liner dispensers, fully encapsulated for hygiene assurance
  • Twin integral moulded bag-hooks for convenience
  • Unique single-action retaining-strap fastener
  • Heavy-duty fixings for safety assurance
  • Large radius internal contours for comfort and safety
  • 5 year guarantee against defects in parts and workmanship


  • Construction - Microtextured colour-fast L.D.P.E
  • Loading - Tested up to 100kg
  • Opening Angle - Opens to 87° (slightly tilting changing surface to the wall)
  • Retaining Strap - Fully adjustable, colour co-ordinated heavy-duty nylon.Unique easy change
  • Liner Capacity - feature
  • Installation Kit - Up to 30 liners per unit Dual purpose heavy-duty fixings suitable for fixing to timber studs and solid wall installations


Baby Changing Station

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