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Paper Dispenser - Serramatic Plus

The Serramatic Plus Paper Towel Cabinet incorporates a unique Hands-to-Paper 'No Touch" auto control dispensing operation, which is quick, efficient, safe and convenient. Just two simple operational steps are required in order to obtain an individual standard length hygienic hand towel every time.

Should the paper not be pulled down fully then no paper towel will be ejected (dispensed) automatically for the next required towel. To re-load the mechanism, simply rotate/turn either of the large bottom rubber rollers (situated at the bottom of the cabinet). It is not necessary to open the cabinet to re-set the mechanism as this rotate/turning movement of the large rubber rollers will re-load the unit for the next automatic towel ejection.

Each individual towel dispensed measures 210mm in width by ±285mm in length. This controlled method of dispensing individual towel lengths ensures minimum consumption, eliminating the problem of unrestricted usage, pilferage and wastage.

After use, the wet towel is disposed of into the matching Serra® Disposor™ Plus™ Wall Bin provided. Available in matching Mild and Stainless Steel finishes. The Serra® Disposor™ Plus™ Wall Bin is completely off-thefloor and has a large plastic lined paper disposal capacity.

Height (H): 300mm
Width (W): 300mm
Depth (D): 200mm

Paper Dispenser - Serramatic Plus

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