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Air Freshenser - Serra Air

Visually attractive modern unit made from tough durable Polypropylene plastic with lockable Stainless Steel cover. Extremely economical - specially designed 200ml fragrance refill - providing 3800 atomized sprays.

Non-aerosol ethanol based liquid refill. Contents fully utilized Fully lockable, incorporates sturdy SNAPLOCK automatic locking system unlock/opens with the unique Serra® barrel key. Provides a constant and consistent purified perfumed spray, maintaining fresh and pleasant smelling environment.

Fully programmable to suit all your specific needs. State-of-the-art Control System allows monitoring of fragrance level and battery life, creating a convenient and hassle-free unit.

Functions under normal atmospheric pressure, no wastage, no leaks. The dispenser comes with a full twenty-four (24) month repair/replacement guarantee. An essential up-market washroom accessory. 
The dispensing method of the Serra  Air 2™ system is through a battery operated pump mechanism. At the specified interval, the nozzle on the fragrance refill is 'pressed-on' by the unit, thus atomizing and spraying the fragrance into the air, effectively destroying unpleasant odours.

The innovative non-aerosol fragrance dispensing concept, i.e., liquid contained in a completely sealed nozzle-operated container, eliminates the disadvantages of the aerosol-type canisters. The more conventional aerosol "pump" is not the most reliable when it comes to leaking and the all-important spray-action. The refill nozzle of the Serra® Air 2™ is guaranteed not to leak and will be in the right position when the time comes for it to be activated.

The Serra® Air 2™ System utilizes an IC Digital Control System and dynamic RAM to program the spray intervals, which prolongs the battery and refill life. Top quality batteries (goldgrade) will only need replacing every three (3) months. The fragrance refill will only need to be replaced every two (2) months (on a 12-hour operation at 15-minute spray intervals) or one (1) month (on a 12-hours operation cycle at 8 minute spray intervals).

Available in a variety of four (4) fragrances:
Grape (SD0540)
Lemon & Lime (SD0541)
Japanese Airoma (SD0542)
Ocean (SD0543)

Display Screen:
Current hour; Clock setting; Multiple spray intervals:
1-59 minutes; Operational on and off times.

Fragrance Refill Life Recommended:
For one (1) month set for 12hrs ie 06h00 to 18h00.
Set spray time at 6 minute intervals.

Dispenser Unit:
Height (H): 182mm
Width (W): 86mm
Depth (D): 65mm

Air Freshenser - Serra Air

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