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Soap Dispenser - Serra Spray 400ml

The Serra Spray 400ml hand wash lotion Dispenser is available in a Stainless Steel Satin finish resulting in the unit being extremely durable and rust and corrosion free. The attractive high quality unit will compliment any washroom, canteen, health facility, etc. It's dispensing method is by a gentle press action (push button) operation. The dispensing pump is allocated under the push button, which is conveniently situated at the bottom of the dispenser.

The totally reliable patented pumping mechanism is specially designed to avoid repair and service costs, i.e., it is maintenance free, more importantly it has been developed to eliminate leaking and other common faults of traditional dispensing systems. This has been achieved through the use of the Serra Generic Patented Pump Mechanism and Serra Snap seal refill sachet. The lockable dispenser – incorporates the unique automatic Serra Snaplock locking system – vandal resistant with a universal Serra  Barrel key. The advantage being a deterrent for soap theft. Thus, reducing pilferage and protecting the investment (i.e., money) spent on the dispenser.

The Serra  Spray Soap wash lotion incorporates a patented pumping mechanism. The pump mechanism is guaranteed not to clog, drip or leak. The advanced pumping design has been designed to meet stringent operating conditions. The dispensers come with a full twenty-four (24) month replacement guarantee. A recent study by the University of Arizona, USA found that 25% of the conventional soap dispenser contain levels of bacterial contamination. Isn't it time to protect your staff, customers & visitors by making the above Serra  definitive hygiene sealed systems your preferred choice.

Push button action.

Shot Volume: 
± 0,2ml per shot.

400ml sachet - provides in excess of 2000 single 'shot' applications.

Piston type – flow induced by suction (vacuum) operation.

Height (H): 200mm
Width (W): 100mm
Depth (D): 100mm (excl. button)

Soap Dispenser - Serra Spray 400ml

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