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Stainless Steel Sensor Paper Dispenser

Dispenser features a hands free operation which virtually eliminates the risk of micro-organisms transferring amongst your staff and customers during hand washing and drying. There is no need to pull any lever, crank any handle or push any button. Simply pull gently on the paper sheet for its release.

System Features

  • The Autocut is Lockable, therefore eliminating theft of consumables.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, this cabinet  matches most washroom decors.
  • Hands free operation, paper towel touched by users only.
  • Controlled usage, paper is cut at equal lengths.
  • Towels automatically advance, no need to touch the dispenser.
  • User friendly, Quick and easy to service and reload.
  • The Autocut has an emergency feed button.

"It is not just about how you wash your hands but how you dry them that determines how clean they are".


Stainless Steel Sensor Paper Dispenser

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