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Paper Dispenser - Serra Lever

Although the Serra Lever Control is a hands-to-lever paper towel system, it still remains a very hygienic and safe cabinet to use and is extremely practical in high traffic public washrooms. Considering the fact that one has just washed their hands to dry them - no germs will be transferred to the cabinet. The lever is ± 25mm x 15mm in size, an extremely small surface to be in contact with. Each pull on the lever dispenses a set size of paper (of which you can determine); a maximum of two (2) pulls will be sufficient to dry ones hands.

The paper remains hidden in the cabinet until the lever is activated downwards. The paper remains clean and dry from outside influences, thus, preventing cross contamination. The body shell incorporates inspection slots to facilitate roll level inspection. It is unnecessary to open the cabinet to check the roll levels.

The Serra Lever Control paper towel cabinet incorporates the Snaplock® locking system, opens by key (barrel type) only and locks automatically by simply securing the front cover back into the closed position. Only the paper towels carrying the Serra® trademark (i.e., Serra® Lever Control and Serra® Matic towel rolls) are to be dispensed through the Serra® Lever Control cabinet. This will ensure proper functioning of the unit as well as safeguarding the extended and comprehensive guarantee provided.

Height: 375mm 
Width: 310mm
Depth: 335mm (excl. lever control button)

Paper Dispenser - Serra Lever

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