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Litter Bin Solid

These versitile bins offer the perfect waste control solutions to most businesses including Airports, shopping malls and most public areas.

They are manufactured from top quality stainless steel and can be bolted to the floor preventing theft.

These aestetically pleasing bins are also available in three different styles namely the Square Punch, the Solid and the Perforated design. In addition, there are also three different lid options available, namely the Funel Lid, The Swivel Lid and the Ashtray lid.

System Features

  • 400mm x 600mm Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Litter bins are floor mounted thus preventing theft.
  • Aestetically pleasing, three styles available.
  • Incorporating a plastic inner liner providing a framework for disposable liners.
  • Removable lid allowing for easy cleaning.

Litter Bin Solid

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