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Auto Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser

New streamlined modern product design and improved aesthetics. Unit constructed from high quality Stainless Steel cold rolled steel combining excellent product durability with overall up market finishes.

System Features

  • Convenient bulk fill / conventional Top Up dispenser with large 1 liter capacity providing an economical and cost-effective liquid hand soap dispensing system.
  • Two inspection slots for easy liquid level checking.   Easy-to-use pump activated soap dispensing which is gravity fed which in turn guarantees no leakages. The Pump is constructed from high grade metal materials which increases product reliability and reduces replacement costs.  
  • The back plate is designed for easy and quick mounting of unit.   The unit is Lockable and incorporates the unique Snaplock┬« locking system therefore reducing vandalism.   The Serra Fill comes standard with a twenty-four (24) month replacement guarantee.


Auto Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser

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