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Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

The entire container as well as the concealed mounting plate of the Serra Nox is constructed from superior quality high-grade 304 Stainless Steel available either in a BA or Satin/Brush finish.

This unit incorporates an alcohol resistant acrylic inspection window - for an easy and convenient method of determining soap levels

This Dispenser is fully lockable by means of an easy key operated open/close lock mechanism.

The stylish and compact vertical container has a capacity of 1,25ℓ and provides at least 1000 single 'shot' washes, making the unit extremely cost-effective.

Liquid soaps are easily dispensed by means of a gentle hand operation. A simple palm activated push on the push button pump assembly allows convenient dispensing of soap. 

System Features:

  •  Tough and robust - Casing manufactured from 100 % Stainless Steel - Vandal proof. 
  • Cost-effective - Compact 1,25ℓ reservoir capacity provides in excess of 1000 single 'shot' washes.
  • Recessed flip-over locking system - convenient open/lock key method - quick and easy conventional refill.
  • Neat and tidy appearance - securely mounted on Stainless Steel wall-plate.
  • Functional - superior push button operation incorporating new totally reliable "multi-purpose" dispensing valve.
  • Totally hygienic - easy to clean and maintain Stainless Steel body. 


Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

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